Hair Transplantation Parts


Hair transplantation for Men to regain the original hairline.


Hair transplant for Women to restore the fullness of the hair


Eyebrow transplant is the one thing you can get into shape without exercising


Beard transplant is the best way to get thicker and a fuller beard

Hair Transplantation Techniques


Direct Hair Implantation hair transplantation technique


Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation technique


Platelet Rich Plasma hair transplantation technique

Plastic Surgery types

Plastic Surgery

Get the body shape you dreamed ever in our plastic surgery

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What client s say

Why hair transplantation in our center is one of the best choices ?

If you are one of the patients who needs to have a hair transplantation operation, but you feel scared or hesitant, do you think coming to Turkey for the operation is not easy or simple? You are in the right place, where our center provides you with his experience for more than 10 years and the number of cases have been processed more than 30 cases every month everything you need, whether you are resident inside or outside Turkey, our center for the treatment of hair loss and baldness and various cosmetic operations provides you the following:

1: One of the best medical teams in the Middle East equipped with the latest equipment and therapeutic equipment

2: Over 10 years experience in dealing with all situations.

3: Warranty with full patient satisfaction after the treatment period and periodic follow-up of the condition


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